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Dear Friends,

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Holiday and will have a fantastic Year 2002!

May there be Peace on Earth someday. We certainly could use it.

See Christmas Message for 2001

Highlights of 2001

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*hugs all around*  Cindy... myhrmaid

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Some Highlights of my Year

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My Quark grows up
Isn't he a handsome guy?

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In August I got my new baby, my dream car The Blue
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Quinn was added to the household in September.
She is a sweet, but very lively kitten and Quark and I love her to bits!

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Getty Center in Los Angeles

June 2001

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Yosemite Trip with Tall friends

May 2001

 I am now the webmistress for the Sacramento Tall Club!  
See the page I work on: http://www.sacramentotallclub.org/

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Houseboat Trip with Tall Club

Memorial Day - May 2001


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New York City Trip

July 2001

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Tahoe Trip with the Tall Club

Labor Day - September 2001


Thanksgiving trip to Barb's cabin in the snow
Thanksgiving weekend- Nov 2001
My brother, his kids and I joined his girlfriend at her family cabin in Soda Springs.  It was a wonderful weekend!

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Halloween 2001
Don't you just love the wig??

email at [email protected] ~ ICQ# 8256104

Some Christmas Funnies

Martha Stewart Christmas

The X(mas) Files

Star Trek Christmas

Politically Correct Christmas Tidings

The Three Wise Women

Download Elf Bowling here!

Christmas Stories

A Snow Globe - check it out!



My Dear Kitty Zoe

born March 19, 1985... died June,2001

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I miss you sweet girl!

last updated 10/22/2005

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