J. Paul Getty Center

June 24, 2001

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All photos from Cindy's collection except where noted

Index of photos: Architecture ~ Cactus Garden ~ Main Garden ~ Artwork ~ Tram
My good friend Richard and I visited the J. Paul Getty Center when I visited L.A. in June of 2001.  The Center sits on top of a hill overlooking the Los Angeles Basin.  You park your car in the multi-level parking garage at the foot of the hill and then take a tram up the hill.  The view was breath taking, even on the clear, but smoggy day we were there.  There are numerous places both inside and out to sit and reflect on the scenery or artwork or to just rest your feet for a bit.  It was a very enjoyable day indeed.  I will definitely return one of these days!
The architecture of the Getty Center was simply awe inspiring and the views were amazing even though you couldn't see to the ocean because of the smog.
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Richard at the base of the steps leading to the main building
8890-09a.jpg (32009 bytes)
Outside the main building
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Looking out towards the west and the ocean.
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The trees to the left are over the Stream Sound Garden.
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Cindy in front of the Rock Fountain in the Main Courtyard.
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The Main Courtyard
8890-12a.jpg (40697 bytes)
One of the Food Terraces
8891-16a.jpg (35718 bytes)
Inside the main Lobby
getty4a.jpg (55557 bytes)
Rock Fountain
photo by Richard
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The Main Courtyard
photo by Richard
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Looking over the gardens
photo by Richard
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Main Building
photo by Richard
Cactus Garden
The cactus garden was on a promontory overlooking the Los Angeles Basin.
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Looking back towards the West Wing
8890-16a.jpg (43616 bytes)
Downtown L.A. in the distance
8890-19a.jpg (73049 bytes)
Those strange round lumps are indeed cacti!!
8890-18a.jpg (50961 bytes)
cactus2a.jpg (59273 bytes)
photo by Richard
cactus1a.jpg (60100 bytes)
photo by Richard
cactus3a.jpg (62988 bytes)
photo by Richard
cactus4a.jpg (75884 bytes)
photo by Richard
Main Gardens
This is the main garden area at the bottom of the hill.  There was a maze and waterfall and a stream running through the trees, plus a gorgeous flower garden. 
8890-23a.jpg (71504 bytes)
The Stream Sculpture
8890-21a.jpg (67565 bytes)
At each turn in the path the water made different sounds
8890-22a.jpg (53337 bytes)
Strange Tree sculptures
8891-07a.jpg (48586 bytes)
Close-up of flowers in the Garden
8891-01a.jpg (69618 bytes)
The Maze Waterfall
8890-25a.jpg (82738 bytes) 8891-04a.jpg (70571 bytes) 8891-09a.jpg (71951 bytes)
8891-11a.jpg (83961 bytes)
Cindy and her umbrella. There were umbrellas available for whomever wanted ones!
8891-13a.jpg (75199 bytes)
Richard enjoying the gardens.
8891-15a.jpg (62371 bytes)
Those strange trees again!
8891-14a.jpg (65259 bytes)
Looking towards the lawn area.  Please note more umbrella people!!
8890-17a.jpg (65660 bytes)
Looking at the Garden from above.
gardens2a.jpg (49914 bytes)
photo by Richard
gardens4a.jpg (80296 bytes)
Garden flowers
photo by Richard
gardens5a.jpg (62010 bytes)
photo by Richard
Just a small example of the large art collection in the Getty museum.  There are 4 main buildings and a wide selection of art work on display.
art4a.jpg (32991 bytes)
photo by Richard
art5a.jpg (35779 bytes)
photo by Richard
8890-15a.jpg (31542 bytes) art3a.jpg (36487 bytes)
photo by Richard
We rode a tram up the hill from the parking lot.  It wasn't exactly Disneyland, but it was fun anyway!  The amazing thing is that besides the parking, the rest of the Getty Center is free to the public!
tram1a.jpg (46097 bytes)
Tram at the bottom of the hill
photo by Richard
tram2a.jpg (45997 bytes)
Tram just arriving at the top of the hill.
photo by Richard
8891-18a.jpg (50875 bytes)
Going down the steps towards the tram.
8891-19a.jpg (45711 bytes)
People getting off the tram at the top of the hill.

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