Photos 2001

May 2001 in South Dakota and Buffalo, NY

I had to travel to South Dakota for a training class for work so I decided to visit my good online buddy Penny while I was there.  I got to meet her Mom and travel around just a bit before going up to Brookings for my class.  After my class was over, Penny and I flew together to Buffalo, New York for a gathering of some of my other online buddies.  I met a bunch of great folks and got to visit Niagara Falls and Buffalo.  Of course, I was able to eat some yummy Buffalo Wings while there and even got to participate in an authentic Buffalo Fish Fry!

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Here I am at the Gateway Factory in SD.
All the buildings were painted with cow spots!!
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Me and Corkie on her front porch.
She was gracious enough to let a bunch of us stay with her while we were there.
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A bunch of the Paddynet gang right after stuffing ourselves at the Fish Fry.
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We sent post cards off to our friends who weren't able to join us - and had a few party props
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Part of the group at the Clock of the World near the Falls.
We went on a driving tour of the Niagara Falls area. Kress was our tour guide and we only got lost once!
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Niagara Falls 
from the Canadian side
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Another view of the Falls from the Canadian side.
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The Falls with the Rainbow bridge in the background and a rainbow in the foreground.
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Here I am in front of the Falls
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The Horseshoe Falls from the American side
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I have finally found my dream man! *sighs*
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Donal (from Ireland) and I discover a buffalo in Buffalo.
Corkie took a few of us on a walking tour of downtown Buffalo.
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And another buffalo!
More photos from the Paddynet Bash in Buffalo