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Dear Friends and Family,

I wish that you and yours have a Happy Holiday and a fantastic 2003!

Keep in touch!

See Christmas Message for 2002

Highlights of 2002

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*hugs all around*  Cindy... myhrmaid

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Some Highlights of my Year  

Uncle Will's 80th birthday Party
February 2002 in Phoenix, AZ

Sister-in-law Carol and brother Jim in back; Aunt Mary, Cindy, Jazmine and Uncle Will in front

The birthday Boy

Cindy with cousins Kristin, Libby, Mike and Maria
See all the photos from the event

Sheila, Gayle, Jeff and Cindy at the Toga party

Brother Jim with two beautiful tall women!

5th_poolside_NancyCindyGayle.jpg (110403 bytes)
Cindy and roomies Nancy & Gayle at the pool

AlanCindyJulieLyle_on_hunt.jpg (104698 bytes)
My Photo Scavenger Hunt team:
Alan, Cindy, Julie and Lyle

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Cindy (on far right) wins the Internet Web Page award

TCI Convention hosted by Sacramento Tall Club in Sacramento
July 2002
See all the photos from the convention

 I am the webmistress for the Sacramento Tall Club!  
I won the Tall Clubs International (TCI) Internet Web Page of the Year award in July 2002!
See the page I work on: http://www.sacramentotallclub.org/

Trip to Disneyland Resort with Jarrod, Amy and Rhea
August 2002

Jarrod, Rhea, MM, Amy and Cindy
See all the photos from the Disney Trip
Ruth, my friend from Tasmania, came to visit!!
October 2002
ST_001.jpg (73324 bytes)
Debbie, Cindy and Ruth
Dor-013f.jpg (68539 bytes)
Dorothy and Ruth in Halloween masks
11_017.jpg (220449 bytes)
Ruth at Calaveras Big Trees
SF_013.jpg (182425 bytes)
Ruth and Cindy with the National Guard at Fort Point in San Francisco
SF_018.jpg (108158 bytes)
Ruth at the Palace of Fine Arts
San Francisco
wigs-002f.jpg (90299 bytes)
Cindy and Ruth show off their wigs!

Trip to Nevada City with Dave and Carol
December 2002
(See all the photos from the Nevada City trip)

email at [email protected] ~ ICQ# 8256104

Some Christmas Funnies

Martha Stewart Christmas

The X(mas) Files

Star Trek Christmas

Politically Correct Christmas Tidings

The Three Wise Women

Download Elf Bowling here!

Christmas Stories

A Snow Globe - check it out!



From Quinn and Quark

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