Cindy and nephew, Elliot at the State Fair in August

December 2002    Hello everyone!

Happy Holidays!  Another year has past and here I am writing my yearly update of my activities.  Isn’t amazing how fast years go by when you get older??  Yikes, it is hard to admit I am getting old… sometimes I still feel like a kid!  I do hope all is well with you and your families.  Maybe we will get together in 2003??  I sure hope so!

So, here are the highlights of my 2002.  Enjoy!


Love to all… Cindy
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My cute kitties, Quark and Quinn.  They are my babies and I love them to bits!

In February, I drove to Phoenix with other family members to help celebrate my Uncle Will’s 80th birthday.  All of my Riddles’ cousins were there, including Libby and Mike from Alaska!  I even got to visit with some of my Ashe cousins. It was a wonderful event and so great to catch up with all the family. Hopefully we can all get together again in 2003 to celebrate Aunt Mary’s 80th!

See all the photos: Will's 80th bd photos
I don’t have any photos, but I got to see Paul McCartney in May! It was a fantastic concert!! Thanks to my friend Richard for taking me!

With 4 of my Riddles’ cousins, Kristin, Libby, Mike and Maria

At Uncle Will’s 80th birthday party.
Front row: Aunt Mary, Cindy, grandniece Jazmine & Will. In back, sister-in-law Carol and brother Jim

My photo scavenger buddies: Alan, me, Julie and Lyle

At the toga party: Sheila, Gayle, Jeff and me.

For 6 days in July, I partied with a couple hundred tall friends from all over the US.  My club, Sacramento Tall Club, was the host this year for the TCI convention.  I had an absolute blast.  We got to dress up a couple nights (wish you could see my green sequined dress… it looks like something a mermaid would wear) and had themed costume/after-hours parties every night!  Great fun! For the first time in my life I stayed up past 3 AM 6 nights in a row!!

Disneyland, August 2002:

Jarrod, Rhea, MM, Amy and me

In August I spent 3 days at the Disneyland resort in Anaheim with my friend’s kids (who are like family to me).  We visited the new California Adventure, but all decided we still like Disneyland better!  It was a great trip and we all got our fill of thrill rides and people watching!  It was great having a nice visit with some of my favorite young adults as well!

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My good buddy from Australia, Ruth, came for a visit in October. We had a fantastic time sightseeing, buying wigs and giggling!  I can’t wait to visit her someday.  I have heard Tasmania is beautiful!  Plus, I would like to giggle some more!

Two wild and crazy gals: Me with my friend from Tasmania, Ruth

In general, I keep pretty busy with activities with the Sacramento Tall Club.  I am their webmistres (I won the TCI homepage of the year award at the July convention!!  Woo Hoo!) and spend a lot of time updating the page.  It is lots of fun, though, and everyone is very good at complimenting me for all the hard work I do.  In fact, they awarded me the “Volunteer of the Year” award last Spring at our Anniversary dinner.  That was a real thrill!
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My family is doing well.  My nephew, Elliot is getting taller and taller all the time.  He is 13 years old and already is 6’ 6”!  Niece, Kelly, is a senior in High School and is so tall and pretty.  Brother, Jim, is still with his lady, Barbara, a really great person, and still is a mid-life crisis biker. I’m going down to L.A. to visit my other brother, Dave and his family for the Holidays.  That should be a nice trip. Anytime I can get out of Stockton is good!!!

Have a very Merry Christmas… Happy Holidays… Jolly Good Show… and Fantastic New Years!