Some photos of special friends
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Leo, Michael & Liz

Sarah Maria & Kelly's puppy


Cindy and Kerry

Cindy, Dorothy, Kerry and Liz

William, Leo, Cindy, Glenda and Jim
The above photos are from my Kerry's 50th birthday party in January 2004
Patty and Cindy
Halloween 2003 Photos
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Gayle, Tonna, Harry
TCI Cruise to Caribbean
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Kayla, Margi, Cindy, Doreen
Caribbean Cruise
Cruise to Mexico with Family and Friends 
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My card friends!

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Tall club friends Shirley and Nancy
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Cindy and Sally in Yosemite
Traveling with Sally
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Linda, Laura, Sally and Cindy
BATB convention in SF

July 2003
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Jarrod, Rhea, MM, Amy and Cindy at Disneyland
Trip to Disney Resort Photos
August 2002

Jarrod and Amy's Wedding
September 2001
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All my good Stockton friends on a tour of the Foothill wine country, February 2001
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Cindy with Myhrmaid friends Sally, Tim and Mary in NYC,
July 2001
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Tony, the man with the beads.
August 2001
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Richard the Space Cowboy!

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Santa Cruz Boardwalk
July 2000
Sally, Mike, Katie and El

The winning Tall Club Photo Scavenger Hunt team!!
Old Folsom, Summer 2000
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Labor Day 2000
Big Chill Weekend at Dillon Beach.
We gather again!
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Who says all my friends are witches? *laughs*
Halloween 1999
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With manb/Tony Santa at the Xmas in July camping trip to Pinecrest, July 1999
karl_fam1.jpg (658124 bytes) 
My good friend Karl and his family, Denver, July 1999
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Cindy and Yowie/Richard
September 1998 in Lodi
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Versailles, France, March 1999
Cindy, Ellen, Carol and Dave enjoy a drink at an outdoor cafe.
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London, April 1999
Sally, Katie, Karen and I tour around The Tower together.
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London, Easter 1999
Alice, Stephen, Michael, Ellen
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My good Tall Club buddy LeeAnn and I in 1999

Oak Alley, outside New Orleans, March 1999.
Dorothy, Anna and I went there to celebrate my birthday!
ruf_myhr3.jpg (53074 bytes)
My wonderful friend Ruth from Tasmania with me in
San Francisco, Aug 1999
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Labor Day 1998
Big Chill Weekend at Lake Tahoe
These are my good college friends and their kids.
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Leo's birthday camping trip, July 1998 in Santa Cruz - Hawaiian theme
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With BATB friends in Las Vegas, July 1998
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Logan, Utah, May 1998
I visited my good online friend, Chuck, pictured here with his girlfriend and her daughter.
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My dear friend, Pat in Roy, Utah. I visited her and her parents in May 1998.
award1.jpg (44265 bytes)
Girl Scout leader friends when Cathy and I won our GS Thanks awards!
Spring 1998