Jarrod and Amy's Wedding

September 22, 2001
Salem, Oregon

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I have known Jarrod since he was born and am a very good friend of his parents, Caron and Bob.  So, it was a great pleasure to me to be able to go to his wedding and take these photos of the event.  
I wish Jarrod and Amy all the love and happiness in the world.  
Before the Wedding
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Some of the lovely flowers Amy's uncle grew for the wedding
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The handsome groom, Jarrod
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Jarrod and his Mom, Caron
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Jarrod with his sister, Rhea
At the Church 
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Jarrod's grandmother, Aletha, being escorted to her seat
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Amy and her Dad, Mike, coming down the aisle
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The newly married couple, Amy and Jarrod
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The beaming couple
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Rhea and her cousin,John
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The hugs start
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Jarrod hugs his Mom
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The gathering outside the church
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Some of the family and friends, Bob, Patrick, Nancy, Carol, Caron and Chloe
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Caron and Bob pose with Diego, an old family friend
7537_23a.jpg (36344 bytes)
Diego, Jarrod and Amy enjoy the bubbles
7537_25a.jpg (28713 bytes)
The newlyweds
After the Wedding
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After the wedding ceremony, we all walked over to the park across from the State Capital to have a group photo taken.
7538_12a.jpg (57925 bytes)
Diego and his girlfriend, Jarrod, Amy, and Amy's Maid of Honor
7538_13a.jpg (62033 bytes)
Jarrod and Amy walking with friends
7538_14a.jpg (58976 bytes)
Jarrod looks happy!
7538_15a.jpg (72215 bytes)
Jarrod's Aunt and Uncle, Becky and Gerry, with Javis, Rhea and Shelby behind
7538_16a.jpg (50310 bytes)
Rhea beaming
7538_17a.jpg (59726 bytes)
Jarrod and Amy with Amy's cousin in front
7538_18a.jpg (51105 bytes)
Javis and Rhea
7538_20a.jpg (57163 bytes)
Getting the group together
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