Jarrod and Amy's Wedding

September 22, 2001
Salem, Oregon

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Some of the goodies at the Groom's table
7536_07a.jpg (36148 bytes)
The guestbook table
7536_08a.jpg (33600 bytes)
The Dreamcatcher
7536_09a.jpg (44554 bytes)
Jarrod's Aunt Sandy signs a note for the Dreamcatcher as his Grandmother Aletha watches
7536_03a.jpg (45281 bytes)
Rhea and Jarrod sample some of the chocolate truffles
7536_04a.jpg (33214 bytes)
Oooohh... Yummy!
7536_06a.jpg (38585 bytes)
Jarrod and Rhea enjoy a moment with their cousin, BJ
7536_05a.jpg (40198 bytes)
Jarrod, Rhea and BJ
7536_10a.jpg (55024 bytes)
Photos of Jarrod and Amy through the years
7536_11a.jpg (40406 bytes)
Family friends Nancy and Doug
7536_12a.jpg (39472 bytes)
Carol, Shelby (Bob's cousin) and Patrick
7536_14a.jpg (49027 bytes)
More chocolate!
Chocolate dipped strawberries.
7536_15a.jpg (37299 bytes)
Amy checks out the goodies
7536_17a.jpg (35663 bytes)
She can't resist a chocolate covered strawberry!
7536_18a.jpg (40227 bytes)
Jarrod and Amy begin to cut the cake.  You can see more of the lovely flowers Amy's uncle grew just for the wedding.
7536_19a.jpg (43643 bytes)
Amy samples the frosting.
7536_20a.jpg (41759 bytes)
Amy gets a bite.
7536_22a.jpg (35831 bytes)
Now it is Jarrod's turn!
7536_24a.jpg (39239 bytes)
Ta Da!  All done!
7536_25a.jpg (29863 bytes)
Amy getting ready to throw her bouquet.
7535_01a.jpg (33420 bytes)
Jarrod searches for the garter.
7535_02a.jpg (43319 bytes)
The eager bachelors wait to catch the garter.
7535_03a.jpg (25840 bytes)
Jarrod ready to toss.
7535_05a.jpg (34882 bytes)
Amy and Jarrod pose with the lucky winners!
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