Follow Your Heart ~ BATB Convention 

San Francisco 2003

 Photos by Cindy
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Looking straight down from my room

File Name: batb0489.jpg

A SF Cable car

File Name: batb0491.jpg

Rosemarie, Sally, Debbie & Kathleen

File Name: batb0492.jpg

Sally & Jamie

File Name: batb0493.jpg

SF at night

File Name: batb0494.jpg

Deb at Opening Ceremonies

File Name: batb0495b.jpg

The Con Team!

File Name: batb0496.jpg

Myhr greets us

File Name: batb0497b.jpg

Myhr & Aurea

File Name: batb0499.jpg

Dealer's room

File Name: batb0501.jpg

Kathleen working on her Tunnel togs

File Name: batb0503.jpg


File Name: batb0504.jpg

One of the lovely wallhangings by Chandler

File Name: batb0505.jpg

Betty shows Myhr some of her dolls

File Name: batb0506.jpg

Sally works on her diorama

File Name: batb0507.jpg