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Photos from some of the BATB conventions I have attended
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See a list of all the cons I have attended!
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Distant Shore I, 1995
Myhrmaids at the Masquerade Ball
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Celebration of Life Cruise. 1991
Armin, Cindy, Ritch
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Distant Shore I, 1995
Roy, David S and Jay with Cindy B., Cindy R., Karen and Jacqui
tc3_bedshotb.jpg (8497 bytes)
Tunnelcon III, 1994
Myhrmaid Bed Shot with Quark
saratrib_b.jpg (8209 bytes)
Reflections, 1997
Tribute Display for Sara
texas_edb.jpg (5890 bytes)
Great Expectations, 1993
Cindy, Edward Albert, Pat
Vegas98_10b.jpg (9352 bytes)
Las Vegas, 1998
Pat, Anne and Jacqui with the New York, New York Casino
Vegas98_15b.jpg (8197 bytes)
Las Vegas, 1998
Cindy, Pat and Jacqui at the Luxor
Vegas98_23b.jpg (7855 bytes)
Las Vegas, 1998
Pat, Marie, Jacqui, Anne and Teresa at Quark's Bar!
why_eatb.jpg (7174 bytes)
Great Expectations, 1993
Myhr and Pat
wndowgrp2b.jpg (7707 bytes)
Distant Shore I, 1995

Mary, Joani, Tori, Cindy B., Sara, Karen and Jacqui
lvgroup.jpg (4166 bytes)
Tunnelcon II, 1992

Cindy, Tori and Joani
tc2b.jpg (15367 bytes)
Tunnelcon II, 1992

Aurora, Jacqui, Karen, Sara
A preview of some of my photos from A Distant Shore II, July 2000
For more photos from the con go HERE
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5627_25B.JPG (5574 bytes) 4176_13B.JPG (6275 bytes) 5627_05B.JPG (6091 bytes)

Once Upon a Time in New York City - NYC - July 2001

4587_13.JPG (102365 bytes) 
Cindy, Sally, Tim and Mary at the Summerfest banquet
4590_12.JPG (57648 bytes)
Edward, Jamie and other stars at autograph session
4587_02.JPG (53659 bytes) 
Tim and Mary hold their candles high at the Opening Ceremony
Follow Your Heart ~ BATB Convention - San Francisco 2003
batb0493.jpg (39660 bytes) 
Sally and Jamie
batb0697b.jpg (49283 bytes) 
Sally, Rosemarie, Cecilia, Kathleen, Debbie & Cindy
batb0645b.jpg (71474 bytes) 
Linda, Roy Dotrice, Cindy

This is a list of all the BATB conventions I have attended:

The Celebration of Life Cruise - Miami to the Bahamas - May 1991

Masquerades 1 - Birmingham, England - August 1991

Tunnelcon II - Las Vegas, Nevada - July 1992

Great Expectations - Austin, Texas - July 1993

Masquerades 2 - Birmingham, England - August 1993

Tunnelcon III - Las Vegas, Nevada - July 1994

A Distant Shore: The Fairytale continues - Los Angeles, CA - July 1995

A Moment in Time 1996 - Manchester, England - May 1996

A Kingdom by the Sea: A Romantic Celebration - Norfolk, Virginia - Jluy 1996

Reflections on the First 10 Years - Minneapolis, MN - July 1997

Las Vegas, Nevada with BATB pals (Con canceled) - July 1998

A Distant Shore II: Remember Love - Burbank, CA - July 2000

Once Upon a Time in New York City - NYC - July 2001

Follow Your Heart ~ BATB Convention 

San Francisco 2003

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