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Alex and Cindy arrive in Homer!
We take a tour of Homer, see our first Moose, visit the Fritz Creek General Store 
and travel on to Libby's house on the hill.
(Monday, March 1)
Photos by Cindy
and Alex
(click on a photo to see a larger version)
ak0064.jpg (40973 bytes)
Alex on our little plane to Homer
ak0065.jpg (68618 bytes)
Scenic tour of Homer!
ak0067.jpg (71238 bytes)
Libby and Cindy
ak0068.jpg (71906 bytes) ak0069.jpg (60944 bytes) ak0071.jpg (50306 bytes)
Our first Moose encounter!
ak0074.jpg (69481 bytes)
A Homer moose
ak0075.jpg (70620 bytes)
Libby and Alex at Fritz Creek
ak0076.jpg (87466 bytes)
Libby checks her mail
ak0077.jpg (49086 bytes)
The road leading to Libby's
ak0080.jpg (44433 bytes)
Our first view from Libby's!
ak0083.jpg (61611 bytes)
The dog yard
ak0085.jpg (54154 bytes)
What a view!
ak0087.jpg (36729 bytes) ak0093.jpg (29530 bytes)
Dave and Cara's cabin
ak0094.jpg (46135 bytes)
Alex and Libby on the front porch
ak0096.jpg (82583 bytes)
Libby's 1985 Iditarod award!
ak0101.jpg (58909 bytes)
Belinda, a spoiled indoor dog
ak0144.jpg (79613 bytes)
Belinda's hiding place
ak0143.jpg (47469 bytes) ak0146.jpg (94869 bytes)
Alex meets the Beast!
ak0147.jpg (91746 bytes)
Relaxing in Libby's kitchen
ak0148.jpg (83468 bytes)
Belinda and Beast are the resident inside dogs.
ak0265.jpg (103748 bytes)
And here is the Queen of the house!
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