Thanksgiving 2001

November in the Mountains
Barb's cabin at Soda Springs

thanksgiving01_5208_23a.jpg (220059 bytes)
Group Photo #1
with Barb
thanksgiving01_5208_25a.jpg (174049 bytes)
Just the kids
Elliot, Blake, Chandler and Kelly
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Group Photo #2
with Cindy
thanksgiving01_5221_17a.jpg (190408 bytes)
Before clearing the driveway
thanksgiving01_5208_20a.jpg (209384 bytes)
The wonderful Cabin
thanksgiving01_5221_21a.jpg (228157 bytes)
Almost clear!
thanksgiving01_5221_22a.jpg (168445 bytes) thanksgiving01_5221_23a.jpg (237751 bytes)
Jim on the back porch
thanksgiving01_5207_11a.jpg (200303 bytes)
Kelly throws a snowball
thanksgiving01_5208_21a.jpg (208642 bytes)
The boys and their icicle swords
thanksgiving01_5208_03.jpg (62462 bytes)
Kelly caught in a snowstorm
thanksgiving01_5208_19a.jpg (215514 bytes)
Group at the end of the weekend
thanksgiving01_5221_25a.jpg (144833 bytes)
Jim carving the turkey
thanksgiving01_5207_02a.jpg (170505 bytes)
Tara smiling while getting her food
thanksgiving01_5207_03a.jpg (474190 bytes)
Brad loads up his plate and Kelly isn't far behind.
thanksgiving01_5207_06.jpg (204392 bytes)
Thanksgiving dinner group
Barb, Tara, Todd, Elliot, Kelly, Jim and Brad
thanksgiving01_5207_08.jpg (207659 bytes)
Everything is yummy!
thanksgiving01_5207_21.jpg (156168 bytes)
Ken tries to distract Kelly during a game of Pounce
thanksgiving01_5207_17.jpg (193353 bytes)
The boys play Life.
thanksgiving01_5208_15a.jpg (135547 bytes)
Elliot is ready to go home
thanksgiving01_5208_13a.jpg (131748 bytes)
So is Kelly
thanksgiving01_5208_11a.jpg (103248 bytes)
The cars buried in snow at the end of the weekend!

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