Paddynet Bash in Montreal
September 1999


We all had a blast in Montreal... and here is the proof!

List of Pages:

Page 1 - Thursday night and Friday afternoon
Page 2 - Friday night at McKibbins Pub... NEW PICS!!
Page 3 - Saturday morning brunch at stormsend's
Page 4 - Saturday afternoon walking tour
Page 5 - Saturday night at Sherlocks... NEW PICS!!
Page 6 - Sunday Brunch at Alexandres
Page 7 - Sunday afternoon at Casino and Beyond... NEW PICS!!
Page 8 - Sights of Montreal
Matchbook Covers... see which ones I collected.

Links to other Montreal Paddynet Bash sites:

Kansas's Rogue's Gallery

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Chicago Bash Photos

Paddy Babies
Paddy Babies

Enjoy all the photos on these pages, but, please give me credit for my photos if you use them elsewhere. Thanks!! *hugs*

p.s. If I have people's names wrong...
or someone would rather I didn't have their photo up...
Please let me know!!
I tried to get everyone's permission... but it isn't easy!!
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