Elliot and Cindy's Excellent Adventure

to New Mexico and Colorado
August 2000

These are only some of the images I took while on a two week trip with my nephew, Elliot in August.  I just want to thank all the folks we met and stayed with.  Both of us had a wonderful time thanks to all of you!

New Mexico
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This is my good online buddy, Dan.  We met him in the Albuquerque Harley shop and had a great visit.

White Oaks, New Mexico

Elliot at the White Oaks School House Museum. Barbara Jeanne White Oaks School House Museum No Scum Allowed Saloon
Elliot discovering family heirlooms in the White Oaks Museum. Robert Leslie is an old Branum family friend who works at the museum My Mom's cousin, Barbara Jeanne, with Robert Leslie. His family had a ranch near White Oaks as well. White Oaks School house - now a museum.  My Great Aunts Margie and Allie went to school here. Elliot at the "No Scum Allowed" Saloon and Social Club in White Oaks.
Lincoln County
At Lincoln County Days Pony Express Billy the Kid wannabe At Nogal Cemetary
Cindy, BJ, Margaret and Elliot at the Lincoln County Days BJ with her friend who rode to Lincoln from White Oaks with the Pony Express. Elliot pretending to be Billy the Kid. My Mom's second cousin Margaret, Elliot and BJ at the Nogal Cemetery.
I/X Ranch, South of Carrizozo, New Mexico
Ranch Group A long fence! The fourth cousins Ranch Mounument
The whole gang: Billy, Veda Lou, KC, Stacy, Mark, Elliot, Tessa, BJ, Cindy Tessa, BJ and Elliot at the Ranch. Elliot with his fourth cousins KC and Tessa Up on the hill at the I/X ranch monument. It lists all the owners of the ranch, including my Great Grandfather.

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